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Racheal Adiaka’s Journey to Financial Inclusion

My name is Racheal Adiaka, a 29-year-old woman residing in the Regen sub-county, specifically in Nakoreto village. Life had always been a struggle for me as a mother of two children, trying to make ends meet. Limited knowledge and skills had hindered my ability to meet basic life needs, resulting in household food insecurity, financial limitations, and a volatile integration with the community.
However, everything changed when I discovered the life-changing activities of the DDS-NK USAID ICAN project. The project’s impact spread through various community structures, such as Village Health Teams (VHTs), Business Support Providers (BSPs), and Governance Champions, who tirelessly mobilized and sensitized our community about interventions that could transform our lives.
Motivated by their efforts, I decided to join a Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) group within my village. Through this group, we received essential knowledge on savings and improving social cohesion within our village. What fascinated me the most was the power of collective savings and how it could accumulate a significant amount compared to individual efforts.
Equipped with financial literacy training, I accessed a loan of Ugx 200,000 from the VSLA group. With this capital, I started a small business enterprise focused on brewing, a highly income-generating activity in our village. I purchased two bags of sorghum worth Ugx 160,000 as my initial stock. Today, I am proud to say that my small business has already generated a profit of Ugx 400,000. Even more satisfying, I have successfully repaid my group loan of Ugx 220,000, including the group interest.
As a mother, the impact on my household has been tremendous. We no longer worry about daily meals, and my children are now able to attend formal education settings. Looking ahead, my future plan is to diversify my business by opening a retail shop, providing assorted items to my community. This will eliminate the need for villagers to travel long distances to purchase essential household items.
I cannot express enough gratitude to the USAID-ICAN project and our dedicated community facilitators for their unwavering commitment to empowering our communities. With their continued support, I firmly believe that Karamoja will undergo a remarkable transformation. It is crucial to empower the youth through both formal and non-formal education to create a sustainable and prosperous future.
Racheal Adiaka’s story is just one of many examples that demonstrate the positive impact of the DDS-NK USAID ICAN project. Through financial inclusion, knowledge sharing, and community empowerment, individuals like Racheal are breaking the cycle of poverty and creating a brighter future for themselves and their families. The project’s holistic approach has not only improved livelihoods but has also fostered a sense of unity and progress within the community. With continued support and dedication, the project aims to transform the entire region, empowering its people and creating lasting change.

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