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Success story of Lokwang David

My name is Lokwang David a resident of Lolelia village, Kacheri parish, Kacheri Sub County Kotido district and a member of Kitengaren farmer group.

I do retail business to help generate income to meet financial needs at home like school fees, medical and other domestic requirements. I started this business in 2017 by farming (commercial farming) at a small scale for both commercial purpose and subsistence, I grew cotton on about 2 acres of land and received quite a good harvest were I sold it at five hundred thousand shillings only (500,000/=). A friend of mine then advised me to start a retail shop of which instantly I decided to open the business using the part of money 300,000 and part of it used to open more land for crop growing and some for buying basic needs at home. In the same year, I joined a savings group with Karamoja private sector were I saved some money.

In the year 2018 I decided to widen my production since it was fruitful by adding one more crop of Simsim and cotton in 2 acres and 3 acres respectively, this gave me a very good harvest for Simsim of which I harvested 2 sacks were I sold 1.5 bag at six hundred thousand shilling only (600,000) and I used the balance for home consumption and kept some for the next crop cycle, this year cotton harvest was not all that good but I was able to harvest some few kilograms which I sold at four hundred thousand shillings only (400,000) this fateful year 2018 I was able to double my effort by getting 1 million shillings from the sale of cotton and Simsim.

There was a great financial loss by the end of 2017 at Karamoja private sector which made me decide to join Kitengaren farmer group and Village Savings and Loan Association which is within my area of operation and accessing financial services like savings and loan acquisition was being managed by the group executives. I found this more nearer, reliable and accessible with less expenses on transport. This VSLA group was formed and being fully supported by Diocesan Development Service North Karamoja (DDS-NK). For the VSLA, we were trained on record keeping, savings and investments, we were also trained on Micro-enterprise development where I attained the skills on how to start and manage an Income Generating Activity. From the trainings above, I have was able save part of the 1 million shillings 500,000 and used 250,000 to invest in my retail shop, 100,000 for opening more land for cotton, Simsim and Maize, 100,000 for planting and 50,000 for buying home necessities. I’m still waiting for the harvest this year 2019 and my savings from group since the circle is ending in the month of July to expand the business and farming.

I’m very grateful to DDS-NK for bringing this support to the community of Lolelia through this group, I have really learnt enough knowledge and skills in crop production specifically Conservation Agricultural practices, agronomy of different crops (Simsim, maize, beans, cowpeas, ground nuts and green grams etc), and methodology trainings we have received, above all the VSLA methodology trainings has changed all my life around, I now spend within my limit.

Also, the exposure learning visit we had during the World Food day celebrations last year has greatly exposed me to other farmers where we shared our experiences with farmers from other groups and districts and I am applying what I have learnt in my farming. I have trained some of my fellow farmers with the different knowledge I attained during the trainings and exposure visit.

Mr. Lokwang David is a role model farmer in Lolelia who has been fully committed in all our activity implementations. He leads by example.

Great thanks to DDS-NK for impacting my Life positively

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