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“Powering Hope” in Northern Karamoja Campaign

Help us raise USD 7,000 for a solar-powered borehole so that the people of Northern Karamoja can have access to clean and safe water.

The issue

For generations, the people of Karamoja navigated life through nomadic pastoralism, treading a challenging path in search of grazing lands and water. The region, scarred by violent conflicts, endured a brutal disarmament process that left lasting trauma. Karamoja’s semi-nomadic nature, frequent droughts, and inter-ethnic raids is the unique but harsh reality of the region. With a total population of over 1,400,000 in four districts, DDS-NK prioritizes Safe Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene initiatives to mitigate water-related diseases and improve sanitation. As part of this commitment, DDS-NK has successfully established six sand dams and shallows in Kotido District, benefiting approximately 2000 people and expanding clean water availability for both agricultural and household use.

Through the “Powering Hope” Campaign, DDS-NK is fundraising USD 7,000 to install a solar-powered borehole, addressing water scarcity in drought-affected North Karamoja. There is an urgent need for safe and clean water for drinking and household purposes in the region.

DDS-NK’s response

Enhancing access to safe drinking water in North Karamoja through a solar-powered borehole.

DDS-NK is fundraising for a solar-powered borehole to positively impact public health and community well-being by addressing the challenge of clean water access and reducing the risk of waterborne diseases while solving the problem of contaminated water due to sharing water sources with animals. Situated in Northern Karamoja, DDS-NK, the development arm of the Church of Uganda, actively provides social services and implements development initiatives. Your donations towards this campaign will help achieve our goal and end despair in the region. Will you join us?

Donate and let ‘s Come Together for Northern Karamoja!

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The impact of your support

Clean and safe water and relief for drought affected Northern Karamoja Sustainable solutions supporting agriculture and community resilience. Breaking the cycle of hunger, insecurity, and hardship.

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