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The “We Can Do 5” Resource Mobilization Strategy

🌱 Join Us in Transforming Lives: The “We Can Do 5” Resource Mobilization Strategy 🌍


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am Rt. Rev. Simon Akol Aisu, the Bishop of the Church of Uganda North Karamoja Diocese, and I bring you incredible news!


🌟 Introducing the “We Can Do 5” DDS-NK Resource Mobilization Strategy for 2023/2024, where we are embarking on five powerful sub-strategies:


1️⃣ Development Sunday (October 15, 2023): Across all Church of Uganda congregations in North Karamoja Diocese, we are nurturing the earth by planting fruit and wood trees. Let us make Karamoja green while improving nutrition. Our goal: Each household receives 5 tree seedlings (2 mangoes, 2 avocados, and 1 eucalyptus wood tree).


2️⃣Gifts from Local Heroes (Starting November 2023):  We invite all generous souls! Your contribution of 5000 Uganda shillings and more will help break the cycle of hunger in North Karamoja. We are empowering selected farmers with fast-maturing, drought-resistant foundation seeds.


3️⃣ DDS-NK Dinner (November 11, 2023): Join us for a delightful evening with a purpose. Our aim is to green North Karamoja and enhance nutrition. Keep an eye out for the coupons; we are targeting 200 participants.


4️⃣Grant/Proposal Writing: We aspire to secure funds to uplift North Karamoja’s communities, addressing climate change, Social sustainable Livelihoods and natural resource management challenges.


5️⃣Crowdfunding for Clean Water: The quest for drinking water is a year-round struggle in North Karamoja. Help us establish a solar-powered water facility this fiscal year.


🙏 We call upon the hearts of goodwill, the North Karamoja community, and compassionate donors worldwide to unite in making this strategy a triumph. Together, we can empower ourselves and build self-reliance.

Let us be instruments of positive change. May the Lord bless you abundantly, keeping you under His grace and granting you, His peace.


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